The Haskell FFI Binding Modules Generator (HSFFIG)

General Notes

This is the home page of the Haskell FFI Binding Modules Generator (HSFFIG) Project. It is released in assumption that it may be useful to Haskell developers who need to use foreign libraries written in C.

Various tools helping create Foreign Functions Interface (FFI) bindings for Haskell are available. In HSFFIG, a simple approach is implemented: given a C library header file (.h), generate Haskell module(s) containing FFI import declarations for all functions whose prototypes are found in the file (and other header files it includes), variables, constants, enumerations, and structires/unions.

The Software is released under the BSD-style License and is copyrighted by Dimitry Golubovsky.

Getting HSFFIG

The first stable release is available: hsffig-1.0. Proceed to the HSFFIG project page: and locate it in the file releases section.

A pre-release of a newer version, hsffig-1.1 is available. See the Dual Darcs Repository section for its location.

This distribution of HSFFIG is Cabalized. Minimal Cabal setup program has been included with the distribution, so it is not necessary to have Cabal installed. It is advised to use the cabal-setup program included with the distributive. Read the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

Dual DARCS Repository does not support DARCS as a revision control system for project hosting. However it does not seem prohibited to place a snapshot of DARCS repository on the web space provided, so darcs get is possible.

The primary DARCS repo for the project is accessible through:

darcs get
The secondary repo is accessible through:
darcs get
The primary repo reflects the most recent updates. The secondary repo is manually synchronized with the primary when some "significant" changes are made: The repo for the hsffig-1.1 pre-release is available at:
darcs get
This version compiles with newer versions of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler: 6.4 and up. Please note that you may need an older version of the package FilePath-0.1.0 in order to compile this version of HSFFIG.


The Wiki page has been setup, where the HSFFIG tutorial is available.

Contact Information.

For any questions, comments, concerns related to the matter of this web page please contact the developer at golubovsky at gmail dot com.

Project News

July 31, 2005: The first stable release: hsffig-1.0

July 17, 2005: Project hosting at Sourceforge set up.

June 26, 2005: The project home page set up.




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